Hunger is heart breaking! It is a preventable form of human suffering. We need food to live, so food is a fundamental human right of all people regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, national origin or economic status.

Many people choose not to believe that one of the richest countries in the world has a hunger problem. It is even harder to fathom because when we think of hunger, we picture hungry children in other countries. Others choose to believe hunger in America is a result of one’s own bad decisions in life. How do you explain the fact that nearly 17 million children were food insecure in 2011?


Sufficient, sustainable livelihood for all is the vision that drives our mission. And, that vision begins with food security. GenesisHOPE‘s urban agri-business programs, services and products are designed to create a culture of health, wellness and economic empowerment. We believe that a sustainable local economy driven by community-based urban agri-businesses will provide food security for all.


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