Empowering Youth

Empowering Youth - Tutoring Program1

Academic and Enrichment Support

GenesisHOPE optimizes tutoring time by identifying, prioritizing, and remedying as many of our students’ inadequacies as possible. We begin the academic support process with our amazingly efficient assessment in which each question is aligned with a specific state standard to ensure that we only teach what is needed. Life skills, service learning, and leadership activities enrich the experience by removing barriers. Tutoring is generally offered
3-4 days/wk for 2 hrs/day, in-school and off-site.

The Coach Assessment by Triumph Learning monitors the program’s effectiveness. The Coach assessment is used as the diagnostic tool to measure student strengths and weaknesses.  The Coach Assessment measures reading recognition, comprehension and decoding, spelling and mathematics.  The test will identify basic skills that have not been mastered and instructional objectives.  The test will be administered after enrollment into the program and again at the end of the program to measure growth.  Students in grades 6-12 will also be administered curriculum placement test.  An Individual Learning Plan is comprised based on the results of the Coach assessment. Each student will be placed in a level based on scores from the placement test. On-going assessments are built into the curriculum will be given.  The students are required to self assess during each session by keeping a chart of progress in each lesson and graphing the results. Student growth will also be measured by the TAKS/STARR and other state and district valid measurements of academic achievement test, report cards, progress reports and classroom teachers.

Career Preparation

Empower Your Future, by the Commonwealth Corporationis GenesisHOPE’s life skills, career development and work readiness curriculum. Students participate in a week long workshop with activities to strengthen skills most sought after by employers. Students are provided an opportunity to practice newly acquired skills by interviewing for paid summer internships. Selected applicants are hired as interns and receive additional job readiness, financial literacy, customer service, team building and leadership activities via the on-the-job training program.

With the Empower Your Future curriculum, students begin the journey of career readiness. A variety of topics are covered including:

  • Professionalism
  • Know Yourself
  • Breaking Out the Box
  • How Beliefs/Attitude Affect Decisions
  • Communication
  • Job Searching
  • Job Applications
  • Resume
  • Job interviews

These soft skills and competencies compliment and support the academic achievement process. Youth are better prepared for life.

Empowered Youth

Academic and enrichment support, coupled with career preparation, all work together to empower youth to excel!