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The Young Sprouts Food Entrepreneur Internship Program is for youth age 14-24. Interns participate in a 20-week program that consists of a series of training, networking and marketing opportunities focused on agriculture, the environment, the food system, and business, marketing and leadership development. The goal of the Young Sprouts Food Entrepreneur Internship program is to provide youth with experiential work and life skills experience to increase the participants’ knowledge of agri-business careers and community food movement opportunities. GenesisHOPE’s Young Sprouts Food Entrepreneur Interns (Young Sprouts) own and operate a SeedsGROW Farm, a market and community garden, a farm stand and the Islandview Farmers Market.


GenesisHOPE is looking for interns (age 14-24) with a passion to own and operate food businesses . These are partially paid internships. Interns participate in unpaid training as well as paid on-the-job positions. The interns work alongside staff impacting lives in the community. If you are interested in one of the following internships or want additional information please contact our office:

  • Farm Intern
  • GREENCorp
  • Farmers Market Intern
  • Photo Journalist Intern


The Young Sprouts has been an awesome experience for me and my co-workers. We went to a new store in the community, Parker Street Market that specializes in local food. I learned that a lot of people are growing, producing and selling fresh food in Detroit.

I’m looking forward to continuing to refine our business plan for the Islandview Farmers Market and the SeedsGROW Farm. Can’t wait to produce sauces to sell at the farmers market. And, who knows, Parker Street Market may decide to carry our sauces in addition to our produce in his store next season!

~ Deanna Lyons, 2014 Intern


The Program

The Food Entrepreneur Internship program spans a 20-week period from March to October.  It includes eleven weeks of intensive training from June to August; and eighteen weeks of hands on practical application from March to October.  The program also includes a city-wide youth good food summit, sponsored by Keep Growing Detroit, and field trips to explore other operations.

The Program Coordinator, guest speakers, and dedicated adult gardeners interact with the youth (age 14-24) to provide over 350 hours of training and developmental experiences, building critical leadership and entrepreneurial skills, while establishing inter-generational relationships with adult leaders in the food community. Youth participate in a series of training, networking and marketing opportunities focused on agriculture, the environment, food system, business skills and community building skills. The course is a compilation of numerous sources. The foundation of the curriculum is from The C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems at Michigan State University’s Youth Farm Stand handbook, toolkit and activity guide. Creative Change’s Land, Food and Energy curriculum provides a deeper understanding of environmental impacts and outcomes, and includes a service learning project in collaboration with Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice (DWEJ).

Following are the components of the curriculum

WORK READINESS TRAINING (36 hours) | May to June
Work Readiness Workshop
Teambuilding Workshop
Entrepreneurship Workshop
Personal Financial Management
Civic Engagement and Community Service

HANDS-ON PRACTICAL APPLICATION (131 hours) | June to October
Garden-Farm Soil Preparation
Bed Preparation and Planting
Garden-Farm Maintenance (Weeding, Watering & Composting)
Farm Stand Operations
Market Research and Data Collection
Service Learning Project

INTENSIVE TRAINING (220 hours) | June to August
Module 1: It’s All About Food, Power, Health & Wealth
Module 2: Growing in a Market (Production) Garden Basics
Module 3: Entrepreneurship Business Basics
Module 4: Farm Stand Marketing Basics
Module 5: Community Food System Basics Plus Security & Justice
Module 6: Business Basics Intensive Practice
Module 7: Agri-Business & Community Food Perspectives Projects
Module 8: Land, Food, and Environment training

CAPSTONE PROJECT (52 hours) | August to October
Business Plan Preparation and Presentations

The extension program involves business professionals assisting the interns with refining their business plan; polishing their pitch; identifying funding sources; and refining operational processes and products. The interns spend a great deal of time in the extension program presenting their plan to raise funding to launch the new business venture.

Refine Business Plan and Presentation
Execute Business Plan
Seek Start-Up Capital
Recruit, Hire & Train Staff
Grand Opening Celebration