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A Detroit Community Plans for Survival
The Lower Eastside Action Plan is more than a LEAP of faith
MetroTimes, February 1, 2012, Larry Gabriel I’ve never really heard the term lower east side used in reference to Detroit. I’ve heard of the near east side and far east side, but the lower east side sounds like some kind of New York thing. As it turns out, though, the folks on the lower east side know exactly where they are and who they are. Possibly most important at this point, they now have a plan to continue being there in the future.

HOPE for Sustainability
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation, December 14, 2011 – Detroit’s lower east side has a
poverty rate of over 60 percent and many residents live in unsafe conditions. Rather than watching their
community self-destruct, members of Genesis Lutheran Church formed Genesis Harbor of Opportunities
Promoting Excellence (GenesisHOPE).

Children Rally To Save Chandler Park Aquatic Center
CBS Detroit, July 26, 2011 DETROIT (WWJ) – Dozens of children and adults gathered at a rally on
Tuesday afternoon, aiming to keep open the Chandler Park Family Aquatic Center on Detroit’s east side.

People’s Festival Offers HOPE!
The Michigan Citizen, June 19 2011, Shea Howell – In Detroit sometimes you can step into the future.
There are moments when the best of who we have been and who we hope to be come together.
The People’s Festival on June 11 was such a moment.